Wastewater Process Equipment

Process Equipment

BER Series

Submersible ejector pump designed for vertical stirring convection to provide pre-areation and mixing of wastewater. Municipal, industrial and agricultural applications.

FHP Series

Decanting pump. Sludge surface monitoring mechanism ensures that only the supernatant water is discharged.

FSP Series

Scum skimmer. Efficiently removes floating oils, foam, and grease solids.

KE/KS KW/KM Series

Automatic, self-cleaning, stainless steel power bar screens designed for removal of solids in pre-treatment process of wastewater.

MR Series

Submersible mixer. Compact design for easy handling. Use for mixing, stirring, dissolving, density equalization, and aeration.

TRN Series

Submersible aerator designed to provide oxygen transfer and stirring action for treatment of wastewater in municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications. 1HP – 54HP units available in three-phase / 230 – 460V.