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Sewage & Wastewater Pumps

From semi-vortex, to single-vane non-clog, to our famous Cutter Series, we have the pumps you need to keep your sump systems running smoothly all year long. Of course, no system is complete without control. We have control panels for simplex and duplex systems with multiple float configurations, alarms, NEMA 4X enclosures, and SCADA connectivity…everything you need to run a top-level, worry-free operation.

Dewatering Pumps

Trenches filling with groundwater? Mechanical room flooding when it rains? Water feature pumps keep failing? Dewatering requirements vary greatly from project to project, and we have the right submersible pump solutions to meet your needs. More importantly, we have the Oil Smart Sump Pump Controller which exceeds the most current environmental standards for wastewater discharge in the country.

Wastewater Process

For industrial and commercial wastewater processing, we have a line of products to meet your needs. Powered bar screens, scum skimmers, aerators, mixers, and decanters are just some of the products we supply to our local hotels, wastewater treatment facilities, and food & beverage processing plants to help them manage their wastestreams. This equipment is highly customizable to meet your specific engineering requirements and design.

Pump Log

How To Boost Your Water Pressure

How To Boost Your Water Pressure

Does your toilet take 5 minutes to refill? Are you wiping soap off of your body and out of your hair when you finish showering? Do you need to break out the pressure washer just to rinse off your driveway or wash your car? The city-supplied water pressure can vary...

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Your Pump Runneth Dry

Your Pump Runneth Dry

You just got home and realize that you left the submersible dewatering pump running in the pit. It's probably empty by now, and all you can envision in your mind is the shaft seizing and the motor smoking in the next hour or so. But wait! Do not grab your truck keys...

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Don’t Mix Oil And Water

Don’t Mix Oil And Water

As the old adage goes, "oil and water don't mix." While this may be scientifically accurate and an important life lesson, we have our own adage that applies to water discharge: "don't mix oil and water." Federal law prohibits discharging oil into the wastestream, and...

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Non-Clog vs Cutter. What’s The Difference?

Non-Clog vs Cutter. What’s The Difference?

Non-clog, semi-vortex impellers are a very good design choice for submersible sewage pumps. And for good reason: sewage contains solids, stringy material, and disposable waste that can clog submersible pumps. The semi-vortex design provides space between the pump...

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How To Choose The Right Submersible Pump

How To Choose The Right Submersible Pump

In this article, we will present you with tips to help you select the right submersible pump for your project; saving you time, frustration, and most of all...money. We will focus on the portable-type submersible pumps which are 115 volt plug and play, because...

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