The Cutter Pump

Tsurumi C Series CUTTER Pumps

The Tsurumi C Series CUTTER pump is designed to resolve the ever-increasing problem of sewage pumps clogging due to “ragging”. With more and more wipes and cleaning products being flushed down the toilet, these costly clogging issues are becoming highly problematic in commercial buildings and municipal wastewater facilities. The C Series CUTTER pumps are extremely reliable in the following applications:

  • Wet wells and lift stations (and dry pit stations)
  • Hotels and hospitals
  • Military facilities and housing communities
  • Sewer bypass, commercial, and industrial installations

The CUTTER pump is available in 1HP to 30HP, single-phase and three-phase, 115V to 575V.

The Cutter Impeller

The impeller design of the CUTTER pump is extremely simple yet uniquely brilliant. Brazed onto the leading edge of the high-chrome cast iron impeller vane is a tungsten carbide blade. The blade works like one half of a pair of scissors, slicing large debris along the serrated edges of the CUTTER plate to cut them into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces then pass easily through the plumbing system downstream and into the municipal sewer system.

The Cutter Plate

The CUTTER plate performs like the other half of the pair of scissors, with serrated edges where large debris is cut into smaller pieces by the tungsten carbide tipped impeller. The CUTTER plate is also forged of high-chrome cast iron for long lasting wear. The CUTTER plate (and impeller) can be adjusted and replaced as needed to provide years and years of reliable service without the need to replace the entire pump assembly.


The Cutter System

What sets the CUTTER pump apart from the rest of the industry is that the throughlet of the CUTTER plate is completely open, which makes this a true NON-CLOG system. Combined with the single-vane impeller, the CUTTER pump can pass any solid that fits through the CUTTER plate opening.

This design is very special because it doesn’t require everything that enters the throughlet to be cut (like a grinder or a chopping style pump), only the large debris. Since the CUTTER blade and CUTTER plate are only called upon when needed, this system lasts for an extremely long time, keeping your facility up and running longer than you ever thought possible.

Watch the CUTTER in action…