Don’t Mix Oil And Water

As the old adage goes, “oil and water don’t mix.” While this may be scientifically accurate and an important life lesson, we have our own adage that applies to water discharge: “don’t mix oil and water.”

Federal law prohibits discharging oil into the wastestream, and of course, into storm drains and the environment. If you have a sump system that collects water and oil, you may be polluting the environment. You might even be breaking the law.


Take Advantage of Science

The fact that oil and water don’t mix actually allows us to use science to our advantage. By keeping oil and water separated in our sump system we are able to discharge only the water without pumping the oil. But how do we do this? Well, a company by the name of SeeWater has figured it out.


Oil-Smart: The Smart Controller

SeeWater has designed a system called the Oil Smart OSS-100 Sump Pump Controller. The OSS-100 is for simplex, 115 volt, sump pump systems with a single submersible pump only. The OSS-100 can be used for elevator shaft sumps, basement and garage sumps, equipment room sumps, and other sumps where oil and water may be present. The OSS-100 is made up of three parts that work together to provide the ultimate control and protection for your sump:

  1. Pump switch
  2. High liquid alarm
  3. Controller

The pump switch is a non-mechanical piggyback switch with electrode contacts that detect the difference between oil and water. The submersible pump is plugged into this switch. When the sump level rises and oil is detected, the switch remains off. As the sump level continues to rise and the switch detects water, it turns the pump on. As the sump level falls and the switch detects oil again, it turns the pump off. This amazing feature is what keeps your sump from pumping oil into the environment.

The high liquid alarm also detects the difference between oil and water and triggers the alarm if either is detected.

The controller has an audible horn and visible lights to alert the operator of a high oil or high water condition. The controller also has dry contacts for remote monitoring systems.

The Oil Smart OSS-100 Sump Pump Controller is designed to easily install in your existing simplex sump system, or it can be deployed in a new sump system just as easily. The OSS-100 helps satisfy elevator code ASME A17.1 and the EPA’s Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan.


Keep It Clean. Keep It Green.

Small, simple steps is all it takes to make forward progress. By taking control of our sump systems and managing the liquid we discharge we can keep our environment clean and healthy for years to come. Even if it weren’t a federal law, it is the right thing to do for our beautiful island home.

For more information on the SeeWater OSS-100 Sump Pump Controller, visit the DEWATERING PUMPS page.